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      Realizing a dream     

La Distillerie de Saloi
La Distillerie de Saloi
Social responsibility

​Here are our social objectives for the economic development of the island.

Better paid producers
The Distillerie de Saloi is able to distill 150 tons of flowers per year.
To have such a quantity of flowers available continuously, we mobilized more than 400 producers in the region. Eventually, we will harvest the flowers directly from the producers' plots.

Create skilled and sustainable employment 
The Distillerie has trained 6 young people from the Moya region on the PISCCA  project and then hired them on permanent contracts to guarantee them a stable income.

Artisans​ wood carvers can also benefit from our activity because we order presentation boxes from them.

100% Natural
Our oils are labeled BIO ECOCERT and guaranteed to be 100% pure and natural.

We use freshly picked and mature ylang flowers from the best terroirs in our region.

As for the plots of our employees, they are referenced for better traceability and are also labeled BIO ECOCERT.


Smart agroforestry 
As part of an intelligent agro-ecology, we offered our producers more than 3000 ylang-ylang plants to regenerate their aging ylang-ylang plantation. We have also planted 2,000 endemic trees around Moya's rivers and given our growers over 10,000 fast-growing trees called "dragon's blood" that help fight erosion, and can be used for fencing, fodder for the animals, firewood for the stills and help with other household needs.
Environmental Respect

​For the well-being of the island of Anjouan, the Distillerie de Saloi has set itself the objective of producing with respect for the local environment.

Daily ecological initiatives 
In order to ensure the replanting of the ylangueraie, a nursery has been set up. You will find ylang plants there, but also fruit and endemic trees for reforestation around the neighboring rivers.
To recycle resources, the Distillerie has set up a composting platform to fertilize the trees and cesspools so as not to pollute the river.
Improved and durable material
The Distillerie de Saloi's stoves are developed by the NGO Initiative Développement, they make it possible to divide the quantities of wood by 4 to 5.

In total, it's 450 tons of wood saved per year, compared to a traditional installation.

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